sunnuntai 5. helmikuuta 2017

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Long time no see x

I'm such a bad person when it comes to updating my blog. Anyway, a lot has happened (again!!) since I wrote last time. The autumn passed by pretty quickly and I was busy studying and planning my future. The 5th of October stopped me for a while, because Jani had organised a "little" surprise for me, and he finally (!!!) proposed me, and I said yes! So we are officially getting married, we haven't deciced the date yet but hopefully it will be this year. I love being engaged and it makes me feel safe and stable.

My ring has a diamond <3
I will graduate shortly, I actually got a job last week that'll start soon. I will graduate in two-three months, and after that will hopefully keep working full-time and travel a bit. I'm really glad I got the job, I'm a bit nervous to start because I've never done anything like that before (sales and advertising, even though I'm educated for that.) But I guess everyone's nervous on their first day at a new job. I'll be fine!

I've been taking part to AFS's orientation camps lately and will be leading one camp again in two weeks. It has became a very important hobby for me and after all these years I'm coping better with my feelings regards to my exchange year. I feel so much better about it, and it's exactly three years today when I hopped in a plane and flew to Australia! <3 Time flies also and I'm very happy I got to go and experience everything. I got so many awesome friends so I couldn't be luckier <3

That's basicly all that's been happening. Just basic life - studying, working and chilling out too. Will come back (hopefully) soon and write again. Thanks for being patient with me writing so rarely, I wish to get better with that! :) Sorry about the lazy English of mine, I don't worry about the correct style of writing when I write fast. See you soon! :)

~ Viivi

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