keskiviikko 28. syyskuuta 2016

Getting back to routines

Hey there! :)

The autumn is going well and I got back to school last month! So now I have 7 months to go before graduation. I'm so excited that my life is finally moving forward and I'm actually getting somewhere. Today I wanted to talk to you guys about few things that have been in my mind lately. First things first, I'm doing well in my life at the moment. I've got so much better since I wrote last time and I feel like I'm recovering well. I was on sick leave for 9 whole months, which is quite a long time to be at home and do nothing. I can only say that is was very necessary because I'm feeling so so so much better now!

I miss Australia, almost every day. There is no week I wouldn't think about my friends and the country and the city I was in. I miss it but I've found ways to cooperate with the feeling. I know I'll be back one day - only God knows exactly when. But I always fight with the feeling of what should I do, like, should I go back there to study and build up a new life? Or should I stay here in Kuopio (where we moved back in recently) and keep living this life I've built up here. I reckon only exchange students might understand what I mean. It kinda feels like I'm never home. I have everything I need, so why would I mess all that up?

If I start thinking about Aus too much I will get sad because I really really want to live there. It's only matter of time (and money...) when I'd return. I miss my friends so much. I'm scared if they don't miss me anymore. If I'm only a foreigner for them too. I really consider changing the way in my life but I'm too scared. What can I do and what shouldn't I?

I don't work anymore. Since I paused my school I also quitted at my work. I found it all too hard to keep on. But I definitely go to school. I in fact had my first HSC trials last week. I had my English and Health education exams and they went well I suppose. I dream of getting a job where I could use English and speak it also. Nothing's impossible, right?

Okay, so nothing much is going on besides school and stuff. Me and Jani are doing great and I really love him. I never thought I could find someone who would care about me so much!
Now I'll put couple of photos here and let's hope I remember to write more often :) Have a great day!

Me and my blue hair in May!
"OMG MUM WHAT DID YOU SAY I'M VERY SHOCKED" Cara's face is priceless :'D
When my Mum turned 50 :)

~ Viivi

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