perjantai 29. huhtikuuta 2016

Life ain't so easy


It's been a while again... :) A lot has happened though. Can't remember exactly what I have written last time but at least I know what I haven't told you about. It's our new family member Cara! Cara is  from Kennel Suklaapusun and as some of you might know, the breeder is my best friend Emilia. Cara is such an adorable puppy but she definitely has attitude! She is not too soft and has personality. At least she is easily motivated with food and toys and she has learnt many new tricks already. Cara turned 8 months old this month and she totally knows how to pull the limits. But she is a family member no matter what happen.

I've been at home for the last 4 months. I paused school and work due to mental illnesses caused by bullying. Even though it happened few years ago, it will never go away. I got very sick last December and have been on sick leave since. Plans are that I will continue school next autumn and graduate next spring. I don't want to explain it more but I want you to know why I haven't been around lately.

Jani and I have been together almost 1,5 years now. He has been irreplaceable and supported me all the time. I love him to the moon and back and I hope we will get married one day even though I'm not doing so great atm. He has honestly been so amazing and I can't imagine anyone else could've put up with me when I haven't been able to love him as purely as he has loved. Thank God the past weeks have been easier and I'm getting better slowly but steady. Hopefully I'll be able to live normal live again.

But, as all the Finnish people know, tomorrow is Vappu eve and we are throwing a party at our place! How sweet is that. We also moved to this row house in December so I haven't mentioned that either. I love living out here, it's very close to Kuopio but not at the city. Cara likes it here too - she has now her own backyard where to play!

At the end, life will win. Even though it's not so easy at first.

Lots of love xxx

~ Viivi

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  1. Nyt menee vähän kiusalliseks, mutta osaatko sanoa miten vois saada kiinni sen yhden Saanan joka oli Albanyssa vaihdossa samaan aikaan kun sä olit Ausseissa?

    1. Heippa! Sori myöhäisestä vastauksesta. En halua levittää kenenkään koko nimiä tai muitakaan tietoja netissä, mutta suosittelisin kysymään AFS:n toimistosta, he saattavat antaa yhteystietoja returneista. Valitettavasti minusta ei ollut tämän enempää apua.

      ~ Viivi


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