perjantai 28. elokuuta 2015

Dear darling

And so has school started and surprise surprise, I'm sick again. I got 39 degrees fever yesterday and today 38, and also sinusitis, so I'm off from school and work. It really pisses me off because this time I truly decided I would work hard for my goal and this is how it started. I'm having migraines and teeth pain, and dizziness, but I'm still trying to survive. I got antibiotics so hopefully it will get better.

Anyway good things have happened too, I saw my Mum and Grandma today. They visited me meanwhile Jani was working (and I can imagine how it makes Jani sad because he is always so keen to visit my rellies and spend time with them, that's one reason why I love him and his attitudes) and they brought me shopping some groceries with them. Grandma bought me a plant and I bought one too. Now we have more plants home and it brings a cosy feeling. Ruu is still at our place spending his summer, Piitu visits occasionally. Life's great and I've been more steady lately. People get comfortable sooner or later and now I have achieved the state in my life. Autumn is almost here and I weirdly enjoy it. I was always a summer person but gotta admit that I've started to enjoy autumn even more and more.

My computer's been really slow lately, so I suppose I gotta take it to somewhere to get it fixed. I've had this laptop almost for 5 years and I wouldn't like to get a new one right now. My laptop is a Hewlett Packard and even some people say it's crap I've really liked it though. It might have some viruses in it even I have a free antivirus program. I know it might not be the best but it has worked fairly well.

Darling darling <3
Jani and I've been together almost for 8 months - lived together almost three of it. I'm totally convinced he is the one I'm gonna marry one day. No one has ever made me so happy and grateful in my life. He treats me like a princess and supports and cheers me whenever I need it. Not even that long time ago I was sure no one would ever love me or treat me the way I deserve. Then, outta nowhere, he walked into my life. Or, should I say, he slept next to me in a living room after New Year's Eve party. He did know me, but I didn't know him that well. And so he stole my pillow and blanket and slept happily 'til the morning light came up. Then we woke up (and my red hair on his face) and chatted together. He was shy, but still friend requested me the same evening on Facebook and started talking to me. I was interested in him after the morning talks and so it all started. So randomly, and I was about to skip the party because I wasn't feeling great earlier!! THANK GOD I DID NOT. Because who knows what would've happened, could be that we wouldn't have even met and talked to each other. I believe in destiny and this was perfectly meant to happen, and I will never be happier than I'm now. He is my darling boy and I will never let him go <3

Jani brought me roses, wine and chocolate the other day <3 <3
Looks like I've turned my brain into English again, so I wanna apologize people who don't fully understand. But pretty please forgive me, this is just a stage and will (will it really?) pass by and someday I might write in Finnish again, who knows. Right now this is really important to me because of my HSC coming next year, and I need to boost my creative writing in English. Not gonna be too proud or anything, but got 90/99 points in English essay the past week... ;)

Peace & love, take care xx <3

~ Viivi

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