keskiviikko 31. joulukuuta 2014

Happy new year 2015

Hello xx

I'm feeling a bit sick and I'm supposed to go to Kuopio tonight to New Year's party but I have to see how I'm feeling in few hours. I promised to come and post some photos last week but I was so tired, but here are few photos from the past weeks xx

Photos from my farewell dinner in Tamworth. I added an old photo of my girls because Lauren C. was somewhere else right then when I was taking those epic selfies with everyone.. xx Thanks for everyone who made my 2014 exchange year fantastic and unforgettable, I love you so much! <3 xx
In the past two weeks me and my friends have been around partying quite a lot and here are few photos relating to that.

Anssi and Emilia <3 We went to Chinese with this group + Veera and Jarno and it was so good :3 Look at my eyes! It was the following day I arrived back to Finland haha :D
Scandinavian Hunks were at Puikkari last Friday night! :3 <3
A bit of Australia! <3
My souvenier to Mum and Dad from Aus :)
Salmari (Finnish liquorice shot) and Emilia's shot :D
Emilia <3
So I really hope I can make tonight and go to party with Tanja and Heidi and the rest of the group. I haven't seen them after I came back so I'm really keen for that. I already packed my cool bag for tonight and I just need to chill out for a bit and then start to get ready, because I need to catch a bus to Kuopio from Maaninka. I wish you all amazing last day of 2014 and I hope 2015 will be magnificent!

Thank you for my amazing exchange year in Australia 2014. I'm forever grateful to everyone who took part and made my Aussie life unforgettable. I love you <3

Happy new year 2015! <3

~ Viivi

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