sunnuntai 21. joulukuuta 2014

I'm home

Hey everyone xx

So I left the land of kangaroos on Friday and I arrived to Helsinki on Saturday morning. I had three flights; Tamworth-Sydney, Sydney-Hong Kong and Hong Kong-Helsinki. Altogether I travelled almost 36 hours plus car trip back home from Helsinki. I'm glad to be back home even though saying goodbyes (I mean, se you laters) to my friends on Wednesday and Thursday were the most difficult thing for me to do. We had this Chinese dinner with my friends and I just loved it. It was so amazing and I thank everyone who took part. I love you so much xx

You will get photos from there and from my trip back home later on when I have time to put photos on my laptop and clean up my room and empty my luggage. Trust me, my stuff are everywhere and it looks like I'm not to be bothered to clean up today.

Tonigh Emilia, Anssi, Veera, Jarno and I are going to have dinner and then later have few drinks together. It was good to se Emilia and Anssi yesterday and Veera and Jarno today. It felt like I never left and everyone were waiting for me. I also met my relatives yesterday and I was so so so happy to talk to them face to face again.

Anyway, now I'm going to relax and chill out before I go out tonight. It's only 9.20am but have to admit that I suffer of jet lag (and still a bit of hangover because it was my 18th birthday on Friday and I might had had too many drinks in Sydney-HK flight so.... :D). I bought my access to Business lounge in HK and I got some weird looks from business men there when I was chilling out in my onesie :D It was such a hilarious trip back home ahaha lol :D

I'll come back and write more next week and put some photos here. Have a great Sunday and a great week, love you xx

~ Viivi

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