keskiviikko 15. huhtikuuta 2015

Missing Australia

Hello mates xx

I'm writing this post only in English because I want to keep up my skills I learnt in Aus. It's been difficult to try to remember some sayings and sentences because I mostly speak Finnish here (obviously, even tho I speak English to myself sometimes, I'm driving people crazy by doing that...)

 The first time I saw my parents again on the early morning of 20th December I faced some difficulties to speak Finnish. In the customs I kept answering the staff member in English, even he was asking me questions in Finnish. I felt silly and stupid, why would I do that? It just felt so normal and easy to do so.

To be honest, these four months I've spent in Finland have been the best (and also the hardest) months of my life. Here I have the best boyfriend, friends, family and people around me and I couldn't even ask more. But at the same time I miss Australia a lot. Everytime I'm left alone and I'm feeling lonely, I have time to think about all the things that happened back there. I recall all the small sentences, smiles, voices and hugs people gave me. The friendliness of people is magnificent. You couldn't expect that kind of behaviour in Finland - we're so different. It's a sign of weakness if you show your feelings. Ridiculous, right? It seems like we're not allowed to say "I don't like your behaviour" or "I don't think that went right" aloud in Finland. You don't put your nose into other people's lives or tell them if you felt mistreated. That's something I respect about Aus. People actually said aloud if they thought something went wrong. You people there are more honest and open than we're here. It's not right or wrong, it's just one of the biggest differencies between these two countries. You dare to show ALL your feelings, not only the good or the bad ones. Respect!

I'm planning to come back to Aus and see all the friends again. It feels so far away right now but I want to start saving some money and return soon. I'm wishing to take Jani with me and show him all the beauty I see in that country. You have so much beautiful things there - and the first one is you, the people. Love your attitude towards life, nothing's too serious and you can joke about anything. Obviously that style of life got me immediately and I felt like I belonged there. After facing some obstacles with the families and people, I just wanted to return back to Finland ASAP. I'm really glad I didn't do it, it would've ruined my self-confidence and I wouldn't be this brave now. I love the way the experience changed me - I really grew up. I can only recommed people to go and be exchange students, but you need to understand that it's not easy at all. It requires so much strenght and self-confidence to get through the experience. But at the end you will feel like a new person - you'll be all grown up.

I'm hoping to see all of you again and recall the moments with you guys. You probably can't understand the whole experience I went through, but I know you can remember what we all went through. All the teachers and students who loved me and gave me all their support deserve all the support back. McCarthy is the best place I've been to, and the best things happened there. You might not understand it, but not a school has never left me such an impact as McCarthy did. It's all about the people there - I love you all.

So this is just a quick throwback to my Aussie life and I'm trying to keep my English up, please feel free to talk to me on social media and tell me how you're doing. I'm interested in everything you're doing - I don't want to miss a thing. I want still feel like I'm included even tho I'm on the other side of the world. It doens't mean anything! I can still see, hear and smell the Aussie things. They live in my memories <3

Keep in touch, love & miss you heaps xxx

~ Viivi

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